5 Thanksgiving Foods That Are Toxic For Pets

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Keep your pet’s safety in mind while cooking Thanksgiving dinner and remember to avoid feeding these common holiday treats to your cat or dog.

Toxic Thanksgiving Foods for Dogs: Turkey

All meat should be well cooked and always boneless, but Thanksgiving foods like turkey can cause an upset tummy for our four-legged friends.

Toxic Thanksgiving Foods for Dogs: Sage

Cats are especially sensitive to this herb, which can cause stomach upset and central nervous system depression.

Toxic Thanksgiving Foods for Dogs: Bread Dough

Raw dough could actually rise in your pets sensitive tummy, causing discomfort or an even more serious emergency.

Toxic Thanksgiving Foods for Dogs: Cake Batter

Raw eggs can cause a salmonella infection in your pet, just as it can for anyone in your family. Stick to dog biscuits and kitty treats instead of this sugary concoction.

Toxic Thanksgiving Foods for Dogs: Wrappings

Dispose of aluminum foil, plastic wrap and wax paper. While licking up food left on these wrappings pets can ingest some of the wrapper, leading to intestinal obstructions. Also, look out for tooth picks, skewers and used silverware.