A Luxurious Escape to Lizard Island

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White sandy beaches, sunny skies, palm trees swaying in the wind and endless. How could you not drop everything and book a trip!? And by endless, I really mean endless. The one and only resort on Lizard Island is fully inclusive, meaning you’ve got plenty of sundowners to look forward to. Plus there’s an excuse to eat bottomless avocado on toast, an Aussie brunch staple that features on the breakfast menu.

The island is located a short one hour scenic flight from Cairns. Once you arrive into Cairns International Airport, there is a short 5-10 minute car transfer between this airport and the smaller airport for smaller aircraft (go figure!) Once there, multiple flights depart throughout the day going to Lizard Island and back. Inside the small airport there is wi-fi, a selection of inclusive snacks and beverages, plus all the usual ammenities. So if you’ve got a bit of time to between flights, fear not! The lounge is really comfy and the staff are more than eager to make you feel at home.


While some of us might travel to islands for the sheer art (and act) of doing nothing, there are plenty of activities on offer for the more adventurous travellers. One of the biggest selling points for me visiting Lizard Island was the endless activities on offer – from private picnics on secluded beaches to afternoons spent snorkelling around the Great Barrier Reef.

During your stay you will have access to private dinghys (small boats) to get around the beaches on the island. There are an impressive 24 beaches to discover, however you are likely to just scratch the surface. Trust me when I say time passes quickly on the island!

There are also all the usual water activities on offer – from stand-up paddle boards to glass kayaks. I would highly recommend making the most of good weather if and when you have it, for you won’t be able to partake in water activities in bad weather conditions. Unfortunately we weren’t able to take the water toys out during our stay due to high winds.

But if you fancy more of a relaxing escape, there are plenty of activities on offer at a slower pace. There is a full-service spa at the resort as well as a swimming pool and relaxing beach loungers. If you fancy a private picnic, I can highly recommend arranging this for an afternoon snack and drinks in the setting sun

For our three-night stay, we checked in to a beachfront suite. These suites are spacious and welcoming, however, the big drawcard here is the beachfront location. You are always just a few steps from the main beach, where you will find a selection of beach loungers for you to get just that little bit closer.

But it is not only the convenience of the location that makes these rooms the most enviable. You will also enjoy all-day sun from the moment the sunrises until it sets, right out front of your villa. Every day is a new sunrise or sunset and the most exciting part about this display of nature is that no two days are ever the same.