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The most contested city on Earth is also one of the most beautiful. Jerusalem’s and the major role the city plays in the traditions of all three major monotheistic faiths has led to it being continually fought over, across the centuries

Israeli began before we’d even taxied from the gate in New York. Gil, my new boyfriend at the time, had used his miles to upgrade me, and I can confirm I’ve never appreciated a bump more. 

Twelve hours later, gazing out the window at the skyline I had fallen for so deeply, home to the guy I was in the process of doing the same with, my heart felt home. It was my fifth trip to Israel, where I anticipated I would spend a large amount of the year. Instead, little did I know, the doors of the country would close shortly behind me, again, the first in the world to do so and they haven’t reopened since. 

On evening, Gil told me to get dressed up and be ready by eight. When we hopped in a cab, I had no idea where we were headed. When we got out, we were in a Wonderland. 

Fantastic Tel Aviv, by the same minds who created Bellboy, which I fell for on my first ever trip to the city, is the Alice in Wonderland tale in table form. Whimsical, silly, sweet — I couldn’t have dreamed of a better date night. One of many features that left me swooning was an installation in the bathroom instructing me to make a wish and blow on a sculpted birthday candle — at which point a hidden camera was activated, and a photo of you spit out of the cake. There were surprises like that everywhere you looked.

Tel Aviv

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