From Dusk To Dawn: A Guide to Landscape Photography At Night

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  • Night landscape photography is your guide to this new photographic world.
  • The art, science and art of great landscape photography.


In the past, landscape photography ended largely when the last light of twilight faded from the sky. Today it’s just beginning. The latest digital cameras have made it easy to create images of the landscape at night that the cinema and the first digital photographers could only dream of. Equipped with series cameras, more and more photographers venture into the night, far beyond the reassuring glow of city lights, and return with spectacular images of both familiar and unknown places that are different from anything seen before.
Dusk to Dawn: A Guide to Landscape Photography at Night is your guide to this new photographic world. In it, the photographer Glenn Randall, author of the bestseller The Art, Science, and Craft of Great Landscape Photography, teaches how to plan, shoot and process professional quality images of the Milky Way, the aurora, lunar eclipses, meteor showers , star trails and landscapes illuminated exclusively by moonlight. Throughout the book, Randall emphasizes ways to integrate the beautiful depictions of the night sky with equally convincing interpretations of the earth below to create complete landscape images that evoke a sense of place and a sense of wonder. With the knowledge of this book, readers will be ready to create their own nightly masterpieces.