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DIY Key Holders are a must for any household, right? I think we have all been there… running around the house like a mad man looking for those darn keys. They always seem to be in the most obvious spot or the most ridiculous! If you’ve had one of those mornings, you’re in the right spot! Plus, who doesn’t love making a craft that you will actually use?

If starting to build your own key holder, you’re probably in the mood to get more organized! I know that I am always trying to boost my motivation in all areas. I have some helpful free printables that will get you on the right track!


If you don’t have a lot of space in your entryway, you’ll absolutely love this wall key holder. The great thing about this one is that you can use it for whatever you want: keys, purse, jacket, scarf, and so much more. Plus, it is super easy to make!

Are you always looking for your keys before you leave your home? Well, with this unique key holder, your life will become easier! It’s made of epoxy resin and wood, which makes it a lovely untraditional key holder. Plus, it has a secret magnet to keep your keys hanging!

Modern Key Holder

Have you got a whole bunch of keys? Are you always misplacing them? Don’t worry! This minimalist key holder will solve all your problems. You won’t need lots of materials or tools to make it. Just perfect!

Does your entryway seem too small? Are you missing space where you can hang your hats, purses, jackets, and keys? Well, this plywood organizer will help you realize that you have all the space you need. Its sleek design, paired with the functional key holders, makes this the ultimate DIY project.

Painted Key Organiser

If you like small DIY projects that are both functional and fun to put together. This DIY key holder the perfect project for you! It’s great for those who are always running around the house to find their keys. Select your favorite color to add a much-needed pop to your entryway.

Homemade Key Holder

Small DIY home projects make me happy! That is why I’m sharing this DIY key holder with you. This amazing tutorial shows you how to make a holder with a floating shelf. Plus, it comes with free plans to get you started!

Your days of looking for your keys will be over after this fun DIY project. This key holder even has a little chalkboard where you can write helpful reminders or messages. If you’re as forgetful as I am, this DIY keyholder is the perfect project for you!


Wood slices can be used in many DIY projects and this beautiful key holder is one of them. You can even customize its colors to make them fit your entryway. So, what are you waiting for? You can’t go wrong with this one and it even comes with a step-by-step tutorial to guide you along the way!