Simplest Way To Make Double Bow

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I’ve done it out, I’ve only been enjoying only partially stuff. I used to be so obsessed with lolita fashion. But now that. I used to be so obsessed with decoding items, but now that I’ve mellowed out, my obsession with decoden stuff has toned down as well. This tutorial was born out of the need to make something decoden-inspired.

I’ve only been enjoying only partially-embellished stuff – and since I’ve been inspired by a video I seen yesterday I wanted to create some decoden-inspired gear. So I made this double bow necklace out of polymer cay. Read on for the tutorial! 

I used to be so obsessed with decoden – for those of you who don’t know, it’s a trend wordwide.

The options are endless – you can make a ring if you attach it to a base, make a small pair of earrings (like the one in the cover photo – I made two of those tiny bows, attach it to a dust plug and make your phone look like a gift or decoden it!

What do you need?

  • Polymer
  • clay
  • Cutter
  • Jump rings
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Clasp
  • Chain
  • Pencil
  •  Pin

It’s so easy. Follow the steps below:

You can use all kinds of ribbon for this — we’re sharing with you three different types.  You’ll hold the ribbon over the fingers on your opposite hand (your left hand if you’re right handed, your right if you are left handed).

Step 1

You might want to lay out wax paper so the clay won’t stick on your surface first. Anyway, roll out your polymer clay into a long log and divide into four. Roll out each one and flatten.

Step 2

Pinch the sides like pictured above, and then pinch both sides together. Pinch two of those, and then assemble them like so… whew, that’s a lot of pinching. Be careful not to ruin the folds!

Step 3

Next take a small bit of clay, roll it out and flatten it like in the first picture. Wrap it around your bow, cut the excess and flatten it a bit. That’s it – you have your bow

Wrap the ribbon or twine behind the index finger and in front of the middle finger.  (Tip: The width apart your fingers are will be the size of the loops in your bow.)

Step 4

To make holes, it helps to put a pencil or any barrel-shaped object inside – it’s used to hold the shape. Poke out your circle per usual. 

You’ll wrap the ribbon around twice in a figure fashion.

Step 5

Blow your clay according to the directions on the package. Let it cool, varnish (if you want) and attach your jump rings and chain to it.

Now, let’s tie it up!  You’ll take the end of your ribbon and put it over the figure and thread it through the V your index and middle finger creates.

Step 6

Add your jump rings like so. Pull that end all the way underneath – we’re going to use it again!

Step 7

Assemble your chain and attach it to your charm. That’s it! You can also make really tiny ones and make them as earrings.