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How many times have you gone to look for an earring or hair barrette (everyone raises hand). Enter the easy solution to keeping your earrings and barrettes all in one place. Whether you’re traveling, or just need a smart solution, we got you covered!

When I travel I like to pack smaller bags inside of my large suitcase. I think it helps me to keep my items organized while I travel. I thought it would be a fun idea to design a bag for my husband that is big enough to fit folded dress shirts, belts or even shoes.

This bag is fully lined and made from duck cloth that has been washed to give it some softness and flexibility. After you get your duck cloth home from the store wash it a couple of times on hot, then throw it in the dryer making sure to use softener sheets. Keep washing it until it’s a texture that you like. It has a tendency to wrinkle a little bit, but I love that! I think it gives the project a fun rugged texture, great for a guy.

Here’s what you’ll need:

A piece of Leather or faux leather (just be sure it’s got some weight to it)

Ruler + Pencil

Awl (to poke holes)

Fabric cutting wheel and cutting mat.

First step is to decide what size you want your organizer to be.  When you have decided what the desired size is, take your sheets of leather and cut ends into straight edges. Best way to get this is by using a cutting mat to line up the edges and use your straight edge and cutting tool to slice.

If anything, cut a touch larger than you want, incase you need to trim down the edges.

Measuring time! Flip the faux leather to the back side and grab your ruler and pencil. Measure out and draw your lines evenly lengthwise, then repeat widthwise.  You want enough room between each earring that they wont bang into each other and make for an evenly spaced out organizer.

Mark all the spots where the lines intersect.  Keep in mind, you want the lines to be on the back so you wont see them on the front.

Use your awl (kind of a funny word, right?) and push through the faux leather to create holes at each intersection.  Be sure to push into the cutting board so you don’t pierce the surface you are working on.  Remember to do the initial poke from the back to the frontside so you can see where to pike. After you make a small hole on the back, flip over and repeat punching a hole from front to back.


Keep in mind, you don’t just have to make organizers for earrings!  If you’re like us, and have so many earrings (currently obsessed with these Lemon and Strawberry beaded beauties from Mignonne Gavigan and barrettes (these are our fav ones), create a larger organizer for statement earrings too! Or, just leave extra space for the XL baubles.

For larger accessory organizers, leave a space on one side to slip your bobby pins and barrettes onto.

P.S.- Even when you’re not traveling and on the go- this will still be the best way to keep your fav jewels and barrettes in one place. Enjoy!